I still get chills every time I take the ice in front of a crowd.  The feeling of knowing that people came to watch me and my team play is like no other.  I am currently in my last year of juniors and playing for a team in Utica, NY. I am having my best season of my career, but it didn’t come without a lot of hard work.  I know that I still have a lot of work to do if I am going to reach my ultimate goal to play professional hockey.

It wasn’t until my senior year of high school hockey that I began to realize that I may have the opportunity and the talent to play at a higher level.  I always was looking up to and admiring the guys who played ahead of me when I was younger, hoping to someday achieve at the same level they did. I always was a little bit of a late bloomer, but I’ve vowed to myself through it all to never give up on my dreams.

I had never worked with a private training facility before and soon after coming to Inspired Athletx realized the benefits of having the guidance and 1-on-1 coaching from a professional trainer.  I feel at home at Inspired and the coaches make it fun while still pushing me hard to get me to the highest level possible.

When I first came to Inspired Athletx, I found a new level of commitment to my game.  I realized I have a lot more potential than I ever knew, which was extremely motivating.  I’ve never been the “chosen one” all through my hockey career, and that would sometimes make me question my abilities and impact my confidence.   

Since I’ve been training at Inspired Athletx for the past two off-seasons, I have a whole new level of confidence knowing that I have done everything I can to better myself.  I’ve put in the work, and I can see major changes in my physical abilities. Being stronger, faster, and more agile on the ice gives me a huge confidence boost, knowing that I can be physically dominant no matter who I am up against.  

My goal is still to play Division I and eventually professional hockey.  I know that if I give my best effort on a daily basis, with the guidance of the coaches and staff at Inspired, that I will have done everything within my control that I can do to get to the highest level possible.  Then, no matter how far hockey takes me, I will have no regrets.

I am now finishing up my juniors hockey career as a team captain and preparing to move on to the college level.  I look forward to my summer back in Minnesota with the team at Inspired to see what I can accomplish leading into my college career.

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