Achilles Tendinitis

Repetitive or increased stress to the achilles tendon can cause inflammation and irritation. It most commonly occurs in runners and adult athletes.

– Training errors — increase in duration/frequency/intensity of training.

– Poor footwear.

– Ankle/calf stiffness.

– Inefficient running gait. 

– Hill running.

– Hip weakness/stiffness.

– Pain along the achilles tendon or at the insertion into the bone.

– Pain intensifies with activity.

– Tenderness/stiffness in the morning.

At Home Diagnostic Tests

Self palpation. (see video)

– Heel raise test. (see video)


At Home Care

– Avoid irritating activities. 

– Calf foam rolling. 

– Calf stretching.


When to Seek Help

Contact your physical therapist if the pain prevents you from enjoying your favorite activities, or if it does not improve within 7 days.  Chronic achilles tendinitis can lead to degeneration of the tendon, making you more at risk for achilles tendon tears.


Inspired Athletx Treatment

Manual therapy, including dry needling, reduces soft tissue stiffness in the calf and enhances your body’s natural healing ability through increased blood flow at the Achilles tendon.  Your physical therapist will also address poor lower body mechanics that cause overuse at the calf/achilles, training errors, and footwear issues.