Golfer’s Elbow

This occurs from repetitive stress and usage of the flexor muscles in the wrist/forearm. This is often due to faulty mechanics with rotational sports (tennis serve, golf swing, etc).

– Ineffective mechanics at the shoulder/core/hip.

– Weakness of wrist flexors. 

– Inefficient swing mechanics.

– Pain and tenderness at the flexor mass.

– Pain on the inside of the elbow.

– Weakness in wrist flexors.

– Wrist/elbow stiffness.

– Numbness/tingling.

At Home Diagnostic Tests

Golfer’s Elbow Test (video).


At Home Care

– Massage flexor mass.

– Wrist flexor stretching.

– Avoid aggravating activity.


When to Seek Help

Contact your physical therapist if your pain does not subside within 1 week. 

Inspired Athletx Treatment

Treatment for golfer’s elbow at Inspired Athletx begins with manual therapy to the muscles of your forearm and joints of your wrist and elbow, as well as other areas contributing to inefficient movement and overuse of the elbow/wrist.   Dry needling is very effective for this condition, and is included in treatment whenever possible.  Corrective exercise focuses on reducing stress through the elbow/wrist by addressing the issues at the hip, core, back, and shoulder that are causing the overuse – treat the cause, not the symptoms.