Pitcher’s/Little League Elbow

The repetitive stress placed on the inner elbow, as in pitching, causes damage to the growth plate.

– Improper overhand throwing mechanics.

– Excessive throwing. 

– Poor arm care.

– Weakness in related musculature.

– Rapid growth.

– Persistent/worsening pain with throwing.

– Loss of range of motion.

– Stiffness/swelling in the area.

– Tender to the touch.

At Home Diagnostic Tests

None – see symptom list.


At Home Care

– Avoid irritating activities. 

– Total rest from pitching. 

– Comfort care:  ice, NSAIDs as needed.


When to Seek Help

Contact your physical therapist if pain persists or gets worse in 1 week.

Inspired Athletx Treatment

At Inspired Athletx, we take a multi-faceted approach to treating Little League Elbow, beginning with discussions about pitching habits and typical pitch count, growth patterns and physical maturity, an examination of the elbow, and a comprehensive assessment of general and sport specific movement patterns.  Treatment addresses contributing factors, including inefficient pitching mechanics, weaknesses throughout the body, and behaviors related to overuse.