Muscle Strain

A muscle strain occurs when the muscle is stretched past its comfortable level causing damage to the muscle fibers.

– Weakness.

– Improper warmup.

– Overuse.

– Poor flexibility/mobility.

– Poor recovery.

– Pain with movement.

– A feeling of a pop/snap/pull upon injury.

– Tenderness to the touch.

– Swelling/discoloration in the area.

At Home Diagnostic Tests

Manual Muscle Testing (resisted Range of Motion). 


At Home Care

– Rest.

– Ice for 20 mins.

– Elevation.

– NSAID usage as needed. 

When to Seek Help

Contact your physical therapist if the pain prevents you from continues or gets worse in 7 days.


Inspired Athletx Treatment

Initial treatment for a muscle strain will focus on manual therapy to reduce spasm, pain, and any swelling that may be present, as well as restore normal function and mobility.  Subsequent treatment will address the underlying factors that contributed to your injury, including soft tissue and joint mobility restrictions, weakness, and inefficient movement patterns.