Whiplash can occur when the neck is quickly forced into a back-and-forth movement through car accidents, sport accidents, or other types of trauma.

– Poor neck mobility

– Weakness

Neck pain.

– Neck stiffness.

– Pain in the upper back and/or shoulders.

– Pain with neck movement.

– Lack of range of motion.

At Home Diagnostic Tests

– Range of motion (see video).


At Home Care

– Rest.

– Heat neck for 20 mins.

– NSAID usage/muscle relaxants as needed.

– Gentle range of motion.


When to Seek Help

Contact your physical therapist if the pain gets worse or does not subside within 7 days. Contact the emergency medical department immediately if you notice tingling, numbness, or loss of sensation in your arms or legs.


Inspired Athletx Treatment

Our doctors of physical therapy utilize manual therapy to decrease pain and restore mobility, followed by stabilizing exercises for your neck and shoulders to prevent future injury.