Piriformis Syndrome

The piriformis is a hip rotator muscle found deep to your glutes.  This muscle is often the cause of hip pain and “sciatica” type symptoms.  The sciatic nerve (large nerve that controls your leg), runs over, under, or right through your piriformis, and when this muscle is tight, it can pinch the nerve, causing tingling, numbness, or pain into that leg.

Piriformis syndrome tends to come on over time with no memorable trauma

– Poor hip mobility. 

– Hip weakness.  

Pain in hip or glute. 

– Radiating pain down the leg. 

– Tingling/numbness in leg.

At Home Diagnostic Tests

Slump Test (video). 

– FABER Test (video). 


At Home Care

– Foam roll/lacrosse ball. 

– Nerve glides. 

– Figure 4 stretch.

When to Seek Help

Seek immediate medical attention if you have difficulty lifting your toes or controlling your leg.  If home treatments do not improve pain within a few days, see your physical therapist!

Inspired Athletx Treatment

Manual therapy to the hip and low back area will provide immediate pain relief, improve mobility, and facilitate active exercise to strengthen the hip and core musculature.  Your physical therapist will prescribe a home exercise program, address any movement dysfunctions, and educate you in any necessary lifestyle modifications.