Snapping Hip Syndrome

Snapping hip syndrome refers to a snapping sensation/sound at the hip where tendons/muscles are moving over bony prominences.  This can happen in the front of your hip (hip flexors) or on the outside of your hip (ITB/TFL) and is caused by a combination of muscle stiffness, poor lower body mechanics, and hip/core weakness.

– Frequent/forceful hip adduction. 

– Overstretch into hip abduction (side splits). 

– Slip/fall.

Poor soft tissue mobility/flexibility. 

– Hip weakness. 

– Core weakness. 

– Inefficient mechanics. 

– Wide pelvis.

– Snapping sensation or sound in the hip with movement. 

– Poor mobility. 

– Pain in the hip.

At Home Diagnostic Tests

Snapping/popping with repeated movement. 


At Home Care

– Foam Roll. 

– Hip Flexor Stretch.

When to Seek Help

Snapping hip syndrome does not always cause pain or impair performance, but if it does please contact your physical therapist.

Inspired Athletx Treatment

Treatment for snapping hip syndrome at Inspired Athletx begins with manual therapies to improve your hip soft tissue mobility.  You will be instructed in a home mobility program to continue to improve between sessions.  Addressing hip/core weakness and movement inefficiencies is key to long term success.