IT Band Friction Syndrome

Your iliotibial band (IT band/ITB) is a long flat piece of connective tissue on the outside of your thigh, running from your tensor fascia latae (hip muscle) to the outside of your knee.  The IT band gets a bad rap as the cause of all lateral knee pain, but it is typically a combination of factors that create this overuse injury.  

The most common mechanism of injury includes chronic overuse, and inefficient running mechanics.

– Poor training habits. 

– Inefficient running mechanics. 

– Hip weakness. 

– Hip/ankle stiffness. 

– Core weakness. 

– Pain at outside of knee. 

– Pain worse with running/walking/stairs/squatting. 

At Home Diagnostic Methods

– Self Palpation. (see video)

At Home Care

– Foam roll series (Quad, ITB, Hamstrings, Adductors, Calf)


When to Seek Help

If your knee pain is preventing you from doing the things you enjoy, or lasts longer than 1 week, see your physical therapist.


Inspired Athletx Treatment

In the case of IT band pain, your knee is the victim, and another area is the culprit!  Just treating your knee may help with symptoms in the short term, but will not create long term success.  The first step to recovery at Inspired Athletx is identifying the cause of your knee pain – typically hip or ankle stiffness, hip weakness, poor lower body mechanics, poor training habits – or a combination of these factors!  Treatment will include manual therapy and corrective exercises to address the cause and help to manage symptoms.  Movement training to reduce quad dominance, as well as making adjustments to your training habits will provide you the tools to avoid recurrence of patellofemoral pain in the future.