Biceps Tendinitis

Repetitive overhead activity in sport, work, or daily life can cause biceps tendonitis.

– Repetitive overhead activities. 

– Poor shoulder control on follow through portion of throwing/pitching. 

– Poor posture. 

– Rotator cuff and scapular stabilizer weakness.

– Pain in the front of the shoulder.

– Pain when performing overhead activities and forward reaching.

– Stiffness/weakness in the shoulder.

At Home Diagnostic Tests

– Speed’s Test (video).


At Home Care

– Avoid overhead and other irritating activities. 

– Comfort care – NSAIDs, ice.


When to Seek Help

Contact your physical therapist if the pain gets worse or does not subside within 7 days.

Inspired Athletx Treatment

The long head of the biceps is often called “the fifth rotator cuff muscle” – it assists in stabilizing the shoulder joint when the rotator cuff is weak, damaged, or not functioning optimally.  Addressing the cause of the rotator cuff dysfunction (posture, tightness, weakness, etc.) will alleviate the biceps tendon symptoms.