Scaphoid Fracture

 FOOSH (Falling On a Out-Stretched Hand)

– Poor wrist mobility.

– Pain at base of thumb. 

– Restricted wrist range of motion. 

– Difficulty grasping or bearing weight on hand. 

– Swelling, bruising.

At Home Diagnostic Tests

Press anatomical snuffbox (video). 

At Home Care

– None — seek help from a medical provider. 


When to Seek Help

If you have pain in your anatomical snuffbox, or wrist pain after a fall that does not go away within a few days, head to an orthopedic surgeon’s office.  You may not see a fracture on an early x-ray, but follow-up radiographs may reveal it as it begins to heal.

Inspired Athletx Treatment

A scaphoid fracture will require a period of immobilization or surgery.  Once you are out of your cast, regaining wrist, hand, and elbow mobility through manual therapy and mobility exercises is key.  Strengthening will go beyond the wrist and hand to the shoulder, core, and hips.  If poor balance contributed to your fall, your physical therapist will work to address that through proprioceptive exercises, fall training, and home modifications.