Triangular Fibrocartilage Complex Injury

FOOSH (Falling On an Out-Stretched Hand)

– Poor wrist mobility.

Pain on the pinky side of your wrist. 

– Clicking,catching sensation in wrist. 

– Restricted range of motion. 

– Difficulty grasping, lifting, weight bearing.

At Home Diagnostic Tests

– None — see symptom checklist.


At Home Care

– Radiocarpal distraction. 

– Comfort care: ice, NSAIDs as needed. 


When to Seek Help

If your wrist pain does not improve in 7 days, or if it prevents you from participating in your sport or other activities, see your physical therapist.

Inspired Athletx Treatment

Most TFCC injuries can be treated conservatively with a combination of manual therapy, corrective exercise, and occasionally bracing.  Manual therapy improves pain and mobility by reducing stiffness at the wrist and elbow joints, and the wrist flexor and extensor muscles.  Therapeutic exercise will focus on strengthening the supportive wrist musculature, as well as the shoulder and core to reduce unnecessary strain on the wrist.  If patients continue to experience pain at the end range of motion, a brace may be added to limit range of motion slightly during sports or other activities.