Wrist Sprain

Acute wrist sprains are usually caused by a fall on an outstretched hand or sport related overuse.

– Sports that increase risk of falling. 

– Muscle weakness.

– Type of activity.

– Previous history of wrist injuries.

– Pain in the wrist.

– Tenderness/swelling.

– Stiffness in the wrist.

– Loss of range of motion.

– Pain with weightbearing on hand (push up, plank, etc.)

At Home Diagnostic Tests

Plank test (see video).

– Range of Motion (see video).


At Home Care

Avoid irritating activity.

– Compression. 

– Comfort care:  ice, NSAIDS as needed. 


When to Seek Help

If you have pain at the base of your thumb (scaphoid), see your orthopedic provider or physical therapist as soon as possible as you may have a scaphoid fracture.  If you don’t have any of the above symptoms, see your physical therapist if your symptoms affect your ability to participate in your sport or if they do not improve within a week.

Inspired Athletx Treatment

The first thing your physical therapist will do is rule out fractures and injuries to other supportive structures (TFCC).  Early manual therapy will restore mobility and decrease pain.  Corrective exercises will focus on improving the strength and stability of your entire arm, well as correcting any faulty mechanics with your sport specific activities.