Continuing Education


Inspired Athletx Performance Academy(IAPA) Level 1 Program Development Course


The Inspired Athletx Level 1 Program Development course was created to give sport performance coaches, personal trainers, kinesiologists, etc. the architectural structure necessary to take their athletes and clients to the next level. We will explore the mobility/stability relationship and how it pertains to dynamic movement, targeted energy system application, and the periodization and application of weight room and field work for sport. We will have ample time to experience and learn coaching cues for weight room, speed, and agility exercises. In addition, there will be time set aside to design programs in a group setting with critique from the instructor. Finally, will we put everything together for a full training session built on the architectural structure.

Learning Objectives:

#1 Attendees will be able to design programs built on a proven architectural design structure and identify where needs are the most pertinent.

#2 Attendees will be able to demonstrate proper utilization of energy system science to make their programs more effective.

#3 Attendees will be able to coach/teach exercises and give appropriate coaching cues based on the mobility/stability relationship within the body as it pertains to sport and general fitness.

Course Details:


  • 12 Hour course
  • Balance between practical application and lecture
  • 1.2 CEC
  • 30 question written exam

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