The Performance Center

Opened in August of 2017, The Inspired Athletx Performance Center in Plymouth, MN is the premier facility for athlete training and rehabilitation in the Twin Cities.


With a realistic grass feel, athletes can wear either training shoes or cleats on our over 3,500 sq ft turf field.  This enables athletes to closely mimic the environment they will compete in, while training.  It also provides the most realistic surface for rehabilitation and return to play following an injury.  And, maybe the best part, none of the annoying rubber pellets that get in your shoes!

  • Over 3,500 sq ft
  • 36 yards long
  • Cleats or training shoes
  • No rubber pellets
  • Realistic grass feel
  • Speed, agility, and plyometric training

weight room

Modeled as a college-style weight room, the weight training space meets seamlessly with the turf field, which maximizes efficiency during your training sessions.  Our expert performance staff is able to get more done with each athlete at each session because of the specific design of the weight room.  Traditional racks and inlaid lifting platforms are accompanied by kettlebells, dumbbells, cable machines, elastic resistance and a variety of other resistance training equipment.

  • Seemless transition to turf field
  • College-style design
  • 4 lifting stations
  • 4 inlaid platforms
  • Kettlebells & dumbbells
  • Cable & elastic resistance


The Athlete Lounge provides a great place for clients to relax and socialize or have a snack before or after a workout or appointment.  Many of our clients enjoy watching a game on the TV and parents of younger athletes will find the space useful as a workspace.  Our welcoming reception area will be the first thing you see each day when you enter the facility.  Complimentary bottled water and hot coffee or tea is always available.

  • Great space for socializing or catching a game
  • 2 lounge tables with chairs
  • 2 club seats
  • Comfortable environment
  • Functional workspace
  • Complimentary beverages

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