Throughout the last month we have focused on Nutrition for our Just a Tip Tuesday videos. Here are all the videos focusing on Pre-Workout Nutrition, Post-Workout Nutrition, Hydration and Supplements!
Nutrition: Pre-Workout 
Before a workout, make sure your body is optimally fueled to get the most out of the training session!
Nutrition: Post-Workout 
Make sure to get your body in a rebuilding stage shortly after a workout!
Nutrition: Hydration
Weigh yourself before/after a training session and replenish every pound of body weight you lose with 24 oz of water!
Nutrition Tip: Supplements
Are your supplements legal, safe and effective? Ask a professional before taking anything!

Body Recompositioning for Athletic Performance

Body recomposition is a hot topic these days.  By definition, body recompositioning is the process of gaining lean muscle mass while reducing fat mass.  Depending on your goals, your weight may increase, decrease, or stay the same during this process (remember lean...

Jump Higher: 4 steps to maximize your vertical

Playing above the rim vs. below the rim is a complete game-changer.  While there are many skills and physical traits that go into being a good basketball player, being an explosive athlete who can out-jump your competition makes a big difference on the court.   What...

Snack With a Purpose

A lot of people assume snacking is an unhealthy habit, but many athletes require daily snacks to reach their nutrition goals.  Yes, mindless snacking on chips and ice cream while watching netflix may undermine your progress if your goal is to lose weight, but for...