Ethan Aune

Age: 16

Primary Sport: Snocross

Team: Hentges Racing & ETA Racing

Recent accomplishments: Ethan started off in recovery and rehabilitation from a fractured femur from last racing season.  He has not only fully recovered, but has transitioned into a sport performance program where he has made huge improvements through the summer and fall!

Ethan’s Training Highlights:

  • Gained 18 pounds
  • Increased squat max by 71 pounds!
  • Increased bench press max by 36 pounds.
  • Increased pull-up repetitions by 8.
  • Decreased 20-yard shuttle by 0.36 seconds!

Career goals: Become a pro racer in snocross and have a good career.  

Season goal: Qualify for and place in all national circuit finals.  

Best thing about training at Inspired Athletx: The staff makes me feel at home.  


  • Food: Cheese Pizza
  • Movie: John Wick
  • Video Game: Monster Energy The Game Supercross
  • Sport other than Snocross: Hockey
  • Place I’d most like to visit: Alaska
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