Dry Needling


A great addition to your overall health and performance routine.

People love dry needling because:

It’s Quick. Effective treatments can be performed in less than 15 minutes.

It’s Comfortable. Many clients find dry needling is more comfortable than other soft tissue treatments.

It’s Effective. People are often surprised at the results they see from each treatment session.

It’s Affordable. Because of the efficiency of dry needling, substantial results can come at a very reasonable cost.

What is it?

Dry needling is a skilled intervention performed by a health care professional. A fine filiform needle is used to treat tissues below the skin, creating a healing response in muscles, tendons, ligaments or other tissues.

Who is it for?

While dry needling may be used in the process of treating injuries, it also can be a great addition to your maintenance and wellness routine. It’s especially convenient for athletes and adults with busy schedules who want to:

  • Relieve low back or neck stiffness
  • Reduce general muscle tension
  • Improve mobility
  • Control and/or reduce pain
  • Manage stress

Dry needling is amazing! It helps soothe my discomfort and gets my irritated muscles to relax and heal more quickly.


I’m impressed at how fast I see results from dry needling. It helps keep me moving well through a long season.


Book now to start a maintenance and performance plan!

Sessions are available in 15 min blocks.  May be purchased individually or in packages of 8 or 24 sessions (15 min).

An initial session will be 30 mins.  Generally, 15 min sessions are for treatment of 1 body area and 30 min sessions are for 2-3 areas.

May also be used within a “PRO membership”.