Starting this month, we will choose the Athlete of the Month. This honor goes to the athlete that is constantly working hard on and off the field of play. Showcasing their athletic skills, while also putting in the necessary effort to improve in the weight room!

Landen Gunderson

Age: 13

Primary Sport: Hockey

Team: 2004 Minnesota Blades Super Elite

Recent accomplishments: In a tournament this summer Landen scored 7 goals over 5 games to lead his team to winning the North American Hockey Classic in Winnipeg.  

Career goals: To play Division 1 and professional hockey.  

Best thing about training at Inspired Athletx: “When I go back out on the ice and I can feel the improvements from my workouts.”


  • Food: Spaghetti
  • Movie: Miracle
  • Video Game: NHL ‘18
  • Sport other than hockey: Golf
  • Place I’d most like to visit: China


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