adult team fitness

Make fitness part of your routine.

The benefits of daily training are immense and transcend far beyond the physical improvements you’ll feel.  Physical wellness helps people become mentally sharper at work, more productive at home, and even can improve relationships with the people around you.  

Our adult team fitness program meets daily Monday-Friday at convenient times through the day for 45 minute sessions.  Each group is led by one of our sport performance coaches and is designed to develop all aspects of your physical fitness in a fun group environment.  

Join us and start with a one week free trial to begin the journey toward becoming a stronger, more resilient athlete and person.  

Physical Benefits:

  • Functional Mobility
  • Movement Efficiency
  • Strength & Power
  • Speed & Agility
  • Resilience & Durability
explosive plyometric jump training athletes in Minnesota at Inspired Athletx

Ready to get started?  Join a session to start your free trial.