team training 

Raise the bar.  Win more.

Team training offers an opportunity for sports teams to train together in the off-season or year round.  Team sessions are for groups of 12-20 and offer an affordable option for athletes who are a part of the same team or organization.

Programs are sport-specific and periodized to maximize gains and enable athletes to achieve their peak performance, as a team.  

Athletes Improve:

  • Functional Mobility
  • Movement Efficiency
  • Strength & Power
  • Speed & Agility
  • Resilience & Durability

The atmosphere of team training is exceptional.  There is no substitute for the energy and competition of working with your teammates.

team training at inspired athletx in minnesota

Contact us to set up a customized program for your team.  Train at our facility 2-4 days/week or ask about our organizational programs and bring the training to you.


Call 952-322-7383 or email us to set up a team training program.