By far, the most effective physical therapy I’ve ever experienced.


Adult, Multi-Sport Athlete

Preparing for the NFL combines and my pro day with Inspired Athletx was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.  Their staff got me physically and mentally prepared to perform at my highest level.  There is no better place to train in the country for athletes that want to gain a competitive advantage.


Collegiate Athlete, Football (Quarterback)

I have worked with Dr. Grant and the Inspired Athletx team for 3 years and have undergone dramatic physical improvements. They have helped me rehab/train through two major surgeries and become an elite athlete. The physical stature I have built with them gives me confidence while playing sports and an advantage over my competitors. Inspired Athletx  is by far the best option for athletes training to be the best they can be!


Collegiate Athlete, Lacrosse

Dr. Grant’s detailed understanding of the body and biomechanics is truly outstanding. He is able to treat not only the presenting injury, but also assess and treat the faulty patterns of movement contributing to your injury.  His hands-on, holistic approach to treatment, will get you back to your daily activities and/or sports.


Adult Athlete, Marathon Runner

Our son loved his session today!! He was SUPER nervous/ anxious going into it but was visibly proud and excited after. Thanks to you and your crew for creating such an awesome and inspiring place for all of us!


Parent, Middle School Athlete

I have seen a number of physical therapists for chronic back, hip and shoulder pain.  While I have obtained some relief from my symptoms, I have never experienced the help I’ve received from Dr. Ranae.

She has helped me change longstanding patterns of dysfunctional posture and gait, essentially providing me with a true “physical education” that has not only helped me heal from the effects of a fractured heel, but to relearn longstanding dysfunctional patterns of posture and gait that will help me stay pain free.

She is unfailingly positive, helpful, knowledgeable.  I have given her name to a number of my patients and would highly recommend her to anyone who is suffering from injury or chronic pain.


Adult Wellness Client, Physician

Our son played his first winter league lacrosse game last Saturday and we could see a big difference in him as an athlete.  He was much more confident, strong, and aggressive!


Parent, High School Lacrosse Athlete

My son loves training with Zayne and everyone there.  You have created a really great community for these athletes to find life-long success.


Parent, High School Lacrosse Athlete

After back surgery I thought I might never be able to regain my form as a golfer, and after working with Grant for less than 2 months I won a tournament! Now I am continuing to a higher level than I was pre surgery!!

Jeff Sorenson

PGA Professional, Golf

Made my ACL injury seem like nothing after a few sessions.  I wouldn’t be where I am without you guys!  Thank you!


Collegiate Athlete, Football

I struggled with neck pain for several years that significantly affected my quality of life.  I saw provider after provider, all of whom treated the symptoms of this pain but never the underlying cause.  Dr. Norland took a different approach and got to the heart of the issue.  I felt much better within two months of my first appointment… and stayed that way!


Adult, Runner

I really enjoyed working with Jared. His programming and attention to detail really helped me be more effective in the gym and, more importantly, on the rugby pitch. He is constantly pushing his athletes and himself to improve and get better. He is very relatable and fun to train with!

Kelly G.

Team USA Olympian, 2016 Rio De Janeiro