Business executive and former soccer/rugby athlete sees big results after knee replacement.

When I walk into Inspired Athletx, it’s not for pro-day preparations. It’s not to see how much I can lift on the squat-rack. I come in because I want to feel good while doing all of the things that I enjoy in my life.

The days of hard-hitting, high-intensity sports are well behind me now, at sixty-two. It does not always feel so long ago that I was running up and down the field with a rugby ball in my hand or a soccer ball at my feet. I will never forget those days, and unfortunately, my joints never forgot them either. It has been a road of many previous injuries, surgeries, and recoveries. When I found myself in chronic pain, I reached out to a company in its early stages, started by Grant Norland. Since I first stepped through the door, I haven’t gone anywhere else.

…”I was shocked by how much I was improving as the weeks passed.”

It was five years ago, in 2012, that I began physical therapy with Dr. Grant for a separate issue, and since, I have endured two knee-replacement surgeries in 2014 and 2016, for which I did my post-surgical recovery through Inspired Athletx. I would not trust anyone as much as I do this staff for my rehab.  I also cannot stress enough the importance of the pre-surgery preparation we did leading into my surgeries. I feel like doing the work before surgery drastically improved my post-surgery recovery time.
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After each surgery I was shocked by how much I was improving as the weeks passed.  I began doing things with ease, and as my health improved, so did my competitive edge. I felt that, with my newfound mobility and strength, I was able to stimulate the competitiveness that had been lying dormant inside of me and finally get back on the golf course.

I had not played much golf in my youth, although, having been born in England, I was very familiar with the sport. Since taking up the game, I have come to respect and appreciate it as one that is equally strenuous on the mind as it is on the body.  I find great enjoyment in golf, as I feel it keeps me sharp, tested, and does not place an unacceptable amount of stress on my joints.

I am so thankful for Dr. Grant and his entire staff at Inspired Athletx for their professionalism and credo of being the most knowledgeable and practical in their respective fields. Without them, I’m not sure if I could have walked eighteen holes on a California golf course without feeling immense pain in my knees.  Now I can walk the course and get in and out of bunkers without even thinking of or worrying about any pain in my knees. I find pleasure in doing even the most ordinary things without worrying about a retirement filled with pain caused by a well-spent youth.

–Brian B.

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