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Our new facility is located at:

2155 Niagara Ln N

Suite 102

Plymouth, MN 55447

We look forward to seeing you here!  Live Inspired!

What is Inspired Athletx?

Everything you need to maximize your performance, development, and recovery, available under one roof, provided by the highest quality professionals.  Inspired Athletx was founded with the purpose of providing the best possible athlete training and rehabilitation experience.  We brought together a team of experts in physical therapy, performance training, sport psychology, and nutrition, with the goal of helping athletes achieve at their highest potential.  When we put the full force of our elite team behind an athlete, the results are unparalleled.  

Train Inspired. Play Inspired. Live Inspired.


The X-Factor

An integrated model for athlete development produces results greater than the sum of its parts.

Physical Therapy

World-class manual therapy helps you recover from injuries and move more efficiently.

Performance Training

Our movement experts will improve your strength, speed, explosiveness,  agility, and durability.


Strategies for optimal fueling maximize your training gains, fuel peak performance, and support recovery.

Sport Psychology

Licensed sport psychologist will help you develop the mental skills and focus to perform in “the zone”.


The most common comment from our clients is:  “I wish I would have started sooner.”


We’re a team of highly-educated experts you can trust, who work together to help you accomplish your biggest goals.



We treat athletes as individual people.  Customized programs for each athlete produce maximal results.


We bridge the gap between rehabilitation and training to produce exceptional results for athletes.


Plans optimized to meet your needs at any stage of life as an athlete.

Each program includes elements of our X-Factor services and can be customized to fit your needs as an athlete.


The starter program helps athletes develop the fundamental movement skills and technique to lay the foundation for more advanced training in the future.  Quality of movement and injury prevention are the top priority at this stage.


The elite program is specifically for athletes who want to take their game to the next level.  After establishing a quality foundation, athletes now focus on building the strength, speed, coordination and explosiveness to excel in their sport.


Our most comprehensive program gives professional athletes the best opportunity to perform to their highest potential, develop unshakeable confidence, and remain healthy.   This program will help you enjoy a longer and more prosperous athletic career.


Whether you’re a weekend warrior or you want to stay at the top of your golf game, we have an adult program that will fit your needs.  Learn and maintain proper movement technique while improving stability and mobility for sport and life.

Better movers make better athletes

The ability to recognize, evaluate, and apply the small details of human movement is what sets us apart and empowers you to become the best athlete you can be.

What our clients say…

Preparing for the NFL combines and my pro day with Inspired Athletx was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.  Their staff got me physically and mentally prepared to perform at my highest level.  There is no better place to train in the country for athletes that want to gain a competitive advantage.

Cole J.

Quarterback, Upper Iowa University (NSIC Career Passing Leader)

I have worked with Dr. Grant and the Inspired Athletx team for 3 years and have undergone dramatic physical improvements. They have helped me rehab/train through two major surgeries and become an elite athlete. The physical stature I have built with them gives me confidence while playing sports and an advantage over my competitors. Inspired Athletx  is by far the best option for athletes training to be the best they can be!

Rio T.

Lacrosse, Eden Prairie HS / Wesleyan University

Get Started

Our process begins with an evaluation to develop a customized plan for you.  Contact us to schedule your evaluation today.

Phone: 952-322-7383

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Address: 2155 Niagara Ln N, Suite 102, Plymouth, MN 55447